Next Space has the relevant credentials to conduct commercial aerial photography and video work.

Our work has included:

  • Property images and videos for sales, rental and holiday home promotion;
  • Flood assessment and property and roof surveys; and
  • Estate and river fishing promotional videos;

But we are licensed to conduct any commercial aerial work with standard restrictions.

We provide full post-production capabilities in-house and are experienced in CAD 3D modelling and rendering.

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Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

To fly a drone (or unmanned aircraft) of any weight in UK airspace for commercial gain requires a 'Permission for commercial operation' (PfCO) from the CAA.

Next Space Limited has a valid PfCO (number 1857).

A PfCO is granted when:

The pilot(s) are qualified and can demonstrate a sufficient understanding of aviation theory and pass a flight text.

An operations manual is approved. The operations manual lists a number of procedures that various flights will be adhered to.

Full insurance cover is in place and valid.

If you are looking to get some aerial work done, it is essential that you engage a remote pilot with the necessary PfCO. Failure to do so can result in a substantial fine from the CAA.

All credentials are available on request.

Member of Association of Remotely Powered Aircraft Systems -  429

Member of Association of Remotely Powered Aircraft Systems -  429

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